Source code for soweego.importer.models.imdb_entity

#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

"""`IMDb <>`_
`SQLAlchemy <>`_ ORM entities, based on
the datasets `specifications <>`_."""

__author__ = 'Marco Fossati, Andrea Tupini'
__email__ = ','
__version__ = '1.0'
__license__ = 'GPL-3.0'
__copyright__ = 'Copyleft 2019, Hjfocs, tupini07'

from sqlalchemy import Boolean, Column, Integer, String, Text
from sqlalchemy.ext.declarative import declarative_base

from soweego.importer.models.base_entity import BaseEntity, BaseRelationship
from soweego.wikidata import vocabulary

BASE = declarative_base()

NAME_TABLE = 'imdb_name'
TITLE_TABLE = 'imdb_title'

ACTOR_TABLE = 'imdb_actor'
DIRECTOR_TABLE = 'imdb_director'
MUSICIAN_TABLE = 'imdb_musician'
PRODUCER_TABLE = 'imdb_producer'
WRITER_TABLE = 'imdb_writer'

TITLE_NAME_RELATIONSHIP_TABLE = 'imdb_title_name_relationship'

[docs]class IMDbNameEntity(BaseEntity): """An IMDb *name*: a person like an actor, director, producer, etc. It comes from the ``name.basics.tsv.gz`` dataset. See the `download page <>`_ All ORM entities describing IMDb people should inherit this class. **Attributes**: - **gender** (string(10)) - a gender - **occupations** (string(255)) - a string list of Wikidata occupation QIDs """ # Each entity should be represented by its main occupation QID # defined in `soweego.wikidata.vocabulary` table_occupation = None __tablename__ = NAME_TABLE gender = Column(String(10)) occupations = Column(String(255), nullable=True) # IMDb has only years, so override `BaseEntity` # and set default year precisions born_precision = Column(Integer, default=9, nullable=False) died_precision = Column(Integer, default=9, nullable=False) __abstract__ = True
[docs]class IMDbTitleEntity(BaseEntity): """An IMDb *title*: an audiovisual work like a movie, short, TV series episode, etc. It comes from the ``title.basics.tsv.gz`` dataset. See the `download page <>`_ All ORM entities describing IMDb works should inherit this class. **Attributes:** - **title_type** (string(100)) - an audiovisual work type, like *movie* or *short* - **primary_title** (text) - the most popular title - **original_title** (text) - a title in the original language - **is_adult** (boolean) - whether the audiovisual work is for adults or not - **runtime_minutes** (integer) - a runtime in minutes - **genres** (string(255)) - a string list of audiovisual genres """ __tablename__ = TITLE_TABLE __mapper_args__ = {'polymorphic_identity': __tablename__, 'concrete': True} title_type = Column(String(100)) primary_title = Column(Text) original_title = Column(Text) is_adult = Column(Boolean) runtime_minutes = Column(Integer) genres = Column(String(255), nullable=True) def __repr__(self) -> str: return ( f'<IMDbTitleEntity(catalog_id="{self.catalog_id}", ' f'original_title="{self.original_title}")>' )
[docs]class IMDbActorEntity(IMDbNameEntity): """An IMDb actor.""" table_occupation = vocabulary.ACTOR_QID __tablename__ = ACTOR_TABLE __mapper_args__ = {'polymorphic_identity': __tablename__, 'concrete': True}
[docs]class IMDbDirectorEntity(IMDbNameEntity): """An IMDb director.""" table_occupation = vocabulary.FILM_DIRECTOR_QID __tablename__ = DIRECTOR_TABLE __mapper_args__ = {'polymorphic_identity': __tablename__, 'concrete': True}
[docs]class IMDbMusicianEntity(IMDbNameEntity): """An IMDb musician.""" table_occupation = vocabulary.MUSICIAN_QID __tablename__ = MUSICIAN_TABLE __mapper_args__ = {'polymorphic_identity': __tablename__, 'concrete': True}
[docs]class IMDbProducerEntity(IMDbNameEntity): """An IMDb producer.""" table_occupation = vocabulary.FILM_PRODUCER_QID __tablename__ = PRODUCER_TABLE __mapper_args__ = {'polymorphic_identity': __tablename__, 'concrete': True}
[docs]class IMDbWriterEntity(IMDbNameEntity): """An IMDb writer.""" table_occupation = vocabulary.SCREENWRITER_QID __tablename__ = WRITER_TABLE __mapper_args__ = {'polymorphic_identity': __tablename__, 'concrete': True}
[docs]class IMDbTitleNameRelationship(BaseRelationship): """A relationship between an IMDb audiovisual work and an IMDb person who took part in it.""" __tablename__ = TITLE_NAME_RELATIONSHIP_TABLE __mapper_args__ = {'polymorphic_identity': __tablename__, 'concrete': True} def __repr__(self): return super().__repr__()